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Landomus Group offer to invest USD 500 billion in National Infrastructure Pipeline

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Landomus Group Law Insider IN

Landomus Group Law Insider IN

Lekha G

Landomus Realty approached the government through newspaper advertisements earlier this week for an investment worth $500 billion in infrastructure projects under the India’s National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP).

S Pradeep Kumar, chairman and CEO of Landomus Group said, “We have submitted the details to the GOI (Government of India) and (are) waiting for the response from them. After hearing from them, I will provide all the details and also documents will be available in the public domain.”

However, knowledge of any such submissions have been denied by senior officials dealing with matters of infrastructure finance and NIP in the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA).

According to reports, Landomus Star Realty Ventures Inc has become extinct by 2020, and only Landomus Realty Ventures Inc remains active.

Mr. Kumar further declined to comment on sources of the proposed mega investment, his companies incorporated in Cyprus and Delaware, the future of various big-ticket projects devised for Karnataka and US and why Landomus reduced its full-fledged website registered in July 2015 to a single-page entity.