Kerala Government Introduces Historic Reservation for Transgender Persons in Nursing Courses

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Published on: 28 July 2023 at 09:46 IST

The Kerala government has taken a significant step towards inclusivity by announcing reservations for transgender individuals in nursing courses within the state.

State Health Minister Veena George made the official announcement on Wednesday, revealing that one seat each has been exclusively reserved for transgender candidates in both BSC Nursing and General Nursing courses.

The move marks a historic milestone as it is the first time in the state’s history that such reservations have been granted to transgender individuals within the nursing sector. The decision underscores the government’s commitment to promoting equality and uplifting the transgender community.

Health Minister Veena George emphasized that this latest move is part of a broader series of measures undertaken by the ruling Left Democratic Front (LDF) government to empower and support the transgender community.

The government has been actively working towards creating a more inclusive society, and the extension of reservations to the health sector reflects their continued efforts in this direction.

With this progressive decision, the Kerala government aims to break barriers and provide better opportunities for transgender individuals to pursue a career in nursing.

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