Karnataka State Govt notifies High Court on Financial Assistance for Advocates Clerk

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Aishwarya Rathore

Published on August 03, 2021, at 4:52 PM

The State Government notified the Karnataka High Court on Tuesday that a sum of Rs. 4 crores has been approved in principle to be released as financial assistance to the members of the Bar.

Advocate V Sreenidhi appearing for the Government said, “In principle, approval has been granted for releasing an amount of Rs. 4 crore for members of the bar, once the cabinet of ministers is formed the approval will be granted.”

It was also stated that the procedure for opening a bank account for the purpose of investing Rs. 10 lakhs for the benefit of Registered Advocates Clerks will also be done.

On a previous hearing, the Court was informed that a Committee has been created to oversee the Karnataka Registered Clerks’ Welfare Fund established under Section 27 of the Karnataka Advocates Welfare Fund Act, 1983 (for short the Act of 1983).

The Committee will have to open an account of the fund in any scheduled bank for investing the money received by the fund.

During the Covid-19 lockdown last year, the State Government provided Rs. 5 crores for the benefit of Advocates and Advocates Clerks who were in need of financial help owing to Court closures. A total of Rs. 10 lakh has been set aside for the benefit of Advocates Clerks.

The Advocate’s Clerk Association had moved the Court seeking direction to the State Government to provide a sum of Rs. 10,000 for each member during the period of Court closure till the Courts resumed normal functioning.

The matter will be next heard on August 24.

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