Karnataka High Court Recalls Contempt Order Against Advocate Following Unconditional Apology

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Published on: February 20, 2024 at 16:33 IST

The Karnataka High Court has withdrawn its previous order that initiated criminal contempt proceedings against an advocate for disruptive behavior in court after the lawyer offered an unconditional apology.

Advocate M. Veerabhadraiah, who faced contempt action for throwing case files, speaking loudly to the bench, and refusing to argue on merits, had his contempt order recalled by Justice K S Hemalekha. The decision came after Veerabhadraiah submitted an affidavit expressing remorse for his actions.

In the affidavit, Veerabhadraiah regretted his behavior, asserting his utmost respect for the court throughout his 38 years of practice without any previous misconduct. He clarified that he did not intend to disrespect the court’s majesty and did not wish to damage its decorum and dignity.

“I express my sincere regret and apology regarding the unpleasant situation that culminated on that day… I hereby assure this Hon’ble Court that, in the future, all precautions and cautions will be maintained to avoid the repetition of such situations,” stated Veerabhadraiah in his apology.

Accepting the affidavit, the court withdrew its suo moto contempt action against Veerabhadraiah and forwarded the order to the President of the State Bar Council.

In its earlier order dated February 5, 2024, the court had outlined the grounds for initiating contempt proceedings, including misbehavior, arrogance, backtalk, and violation of court rules.

The recall decision was made following the advocate’s remorseful apology.

Case details and the full order will be available shortly.

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