Karnataka HC & CID exposes Land capture racket using Fake Decrees

Karnataka High Court Law Insider
Karnataka High Court Law Insider

Aanchal Agarwal-

Published on: August 30, 2021, at 17:39 IST

An intervention done by the Karnataka High Court along with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Karnataka Police has exposed a major racket of acquiring land forcibly by obtaining Fake Decrees from the Court in Bangalore.

Approx 118 cases of fake Decrees were given to a group of 6 operatives including a Public Prosecutor and at least 6 Lawyers.

The CID has arrested about 12 people till now.

The first case of Fake Decree was registered in November 2020. The case was filed in High Court by a private firm named Shah Harilal Bikabai and Company. 

The Company filed the case because they were evicted from their property using a “Court Decree” even though the company has been the owner of the land since 1954.The High Court held that to acquire the land from the Company Fake Decree was used.

To claim ownership of the property, a group of people created fake documents and filed a case in the lower Court for eviction of the fake tenant which has been set up by the fake owner himself.

A few days after the case is filed, the fake owner and tenant settle and so the owner obtains a Court Order for the eviction of the tenant with Police Protection.

The High Court asked the Registrar of the lower court “to institute a police investigation in this serious matter and cause a domestic enquiry against the suspect officials of the court, since fraud, forgery and fabrication ordinarily do not happen without the involvement of insiders”.

The case was handed over to the CID because the High Court could not find anything timely.

CID then submitted a report of their investigation to the High Court. CID had asked the revenue officials of the lower Courts to present all the records of all the 71 Small Cause cases which were filed before the lower Courts and also 28 Execution Proceedings of the same manner.

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