Jantar Mantar Anti-Muslim Slogans: Delhi Court dismisses Preet Singh Bail plea

Jantar MAntar
Jantar Mantar Anti muslim slogans case

Aanchal Agarwal

Published on: August 28, 2021, at 14:25 IST

A Delhi Court denied Bail to one of the organisers of the event which took place near Jantar Mantar and Preet Singh was allegedly involved in Anti-Muslim sloganeering at the event.

Preet Singh’S Bail application was dismissed by the Additional Sessions Judge Anil Antil on 12th August.

While denying his Bail the Judge held that “Right to assemble and freedom to air one’s thoughts are cherished under the Constitution, however, these are not absolute and have to be exercised with inherent reasonable restrictions”.

Preet Singh is the President of Save India Foundation and also allegedly the co-organiser of the event in which communal slogans were shouted.

In the order passed on 27th August, the Court observed that the main event was organized near Jantar Mantar even after the Police had refused to permit it.

By organizing the event they had completely disregarded all Covid-19 protocols and risked everyone’s lives that were present there.

The Court also observed that being an active organizer of the event, the accused could have easily stopped the people from passing inflammatory slogans but he did not do so.

Moreover, Singh was seen taking part in the communal speeches which turned out to be Anti-Muslim along with his other Associates.

The Court while deciding on his Bail plea noted that Preet being an influential person can tamper with the investigation of the case if released on Bail.

Therefore the Court dismissed his Bail application.

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