Jantar Mantar: 6 People Arrested over alleged Anti-Muslim Sloganeering

Aishwarya Rathore –

ublished on: August 20, 2021 at 15:51 IST

Six people, including former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Ashwini Upadhyay, have been detained by Delhi Police in relation to Anti-Muslim sloganeering which took place on Sunday in Delhi following his rally against “colonial-era laws” in the country.

The other arrested persons are Deepak Singh, Vineet Kranti, Vinod Sharma, Deepak and Preet Singh.

On August 8, Ashwini Upadhyay organised a march called “Colonial Laws and Make Uniform Laws,” during which “objectionable slogans” were allegedly raised.

On August 9, a First Information Report (FIR) had been booked against an unknown group of people in connection with the alleged “raising inciting slogans” at Jantar Mantar.

The DCP of Delhi, Deepak Yadav had told, “People who had gathered at Jantar Mantar had no permission. It has come to our due notice that some people raised inciting and objectionable slogans as well. We have also received a video and have registered FIR in the case.”

Upadhyay had, however, distanced himself from the same stating that his event had concluded by 12 pm while slogans were raised around 5 pm.

As per Upadhyay, “The rally was from 10 to 12 pm. Whereas the sloganeering happened around 5 pm. Our rally was outside Park Hotel but the slogans were given near Parliament House Police Station. I do not know who they were.”

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled in one of his petitions that criminal cases against Members of Parliament (MPs) and Members of Legislative Assemblies (MLAs) cannot be withdrawn without prior approval of the High Court.

Last month, Upadhyay filed a petition before the Supreme Court, requesting that a Judicial Panel or a Body of experts to draft a “comprehensive” and “stringent” Penal Code to ensure Rule of law and equality.

Another petition filed by him before Supreme Court seeks Uniform Civil Code.

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