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Published On: October 15, 2021 at 13:51 IST

The Court in Rome, temporarily halted the trial of four Egyptians accused of murdering an Italian student, citing worries that they were unaware of their charges.

After hours of deliberation, Judge Antonella Capri decided in favour of the Officer’s Defence Lawyers, who argued that the proceedings would be null and void as there was no proof that the four were aware of the charges against them.

The Judge ruled that the four could not be tried in absentia because Prosecutors had been unable to officially inform the accused of the judicial process against them.

The case was sent back to a Preliminary Court. After this, it will be decided whether or not to look for the accused.

The Officers were accused of grave offences, including Kidnapping, Conspiracy to Murder and Grievous Bodily Harm in the case.

It has sparked outrage in Italy and further strained the diplomatic relationship with Egypt.

The student, Giulio Regeni, was a 28-year-old research doctorate student at Cambridge University when he was abducted from Cairo in 2016.

His mutilated body was found near a ditch in Cairo, in February 2016.

The Italian Government joined the trial proceedings in a symbolic show of support.

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