Investigative Agencies “Spread Too Thin”, Cautions Justice Chandrachud

Justice DY Chandrachud Law Insider

Published on: April 01, 2024 at 19:32 IST

Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud emphasized the need for premier investigative agencies to prioritize cases concerning national security and crimes against the nation during the 20th DP Kohli Memorial Lecture on CBI Raising Day.

Justice Chandrachud highlighted the evolving landscape of crime due to technological advancements, posing complex challenges for agencies like the CBI.

“The CBI is being increasingly tasked with investigating a diverse array of criminal cases beyond its anti-corruption mandate, necessitating a reevaluation of its priorities,” stated Justice Chandrachud.

Justice Chandrachud, renowned for his astute legal insights, painted a vivid picture of the challenges faced by agencies like the CBI, navigating through the maze of modern crime propelled by technological advancements.

“The CBI finds itself in an intricate web of diverse criminal cases, far beyond its traditional anti-corruption mandate,” remarked Justice Chandrachud, his words resonating with urgency.

Expressing concern over the strain on investigative resources, he stressed, “The premier investigative agencies are spread too thin. They must only focus on those that concern national security and crimes of economic offences against the nation.”

This call for a focused approach comes amid growing demands on the CBI to address various criminal matters, emphasizing the critical role of investigative agencies in safeguarding national interests.

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