Haryana: Mining Officer reinstates after Intervention of Punjab & Haryana HC

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Alka Verma

Published On: November 26, 2021 at 20:30 IST

Recently, the State Government of Haryana revoked its decision and reinstated Rajiv Kumar, a suspended District Mining Officer from Kurukshetra on 12 October.

The Government took this decision after the Punjab and Haryana High Court intervened in this matter continuously.

The Court, during the hearing asked the State Government as well as Counsel appearing for Haryana Government that on which disciplinary basis Rajiv Kumar was suspended.In reply of this, the Counsel appearing for the State informed the Court that the suspension order has been taken back and now this is all Pointless.

However, the Counsel appearing for Rajiv Kumar informed the Court that though the suspension has been taken back, posting of the Officer has not been restored at Kurukshetra and he is still directed to report at Panchkula.

After observing this, a Single Judge Bench of Justice Arun Monga ordered the State Counsel to file the reply of the State Government about the posting of the Officer.

Adding to this, Justice Monga also asked to maintain the status quo regarding the officer’s posting.

In his Petition, Kumar stated that during a checking he along with a Special Checking Team seized one excavator (JCB) and two tractors which were involved in illegal mining at Bhatedi village.

Following this incident, Thanesar MLA Subhash Sudha asked him to release to the vehicles, however, Rajiv Kumar replied that this was not under his power.

After this, Mool Chand Sharma, Minister for Mines and Geology called Rajiv Kumar and asked him to release the vehicles.

Adding to this, the MLA also informed that the officer was suspended as he not followed the orders of Thanesar MLA Subhash Sudha.

Following this incident, Mr. Kumar moved to the High Court challenging this order.

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