Gurugram Namaz Row reaches SC, Contempt Plea filed against Haryana Top Officers

Nishka Srinivas Veluvali

Published On: December 16, 2021 at 21:30 IST

The Plea to take stringent actions against the Haryana Officials was filed by the former Rajya Sabha member in the Supreme Court.

The Plea blamed the Chief Secretary and Director-general of Police of the State of Haryana, Sanjeev Kaushal IAS and IPS PK Agrawal accordingly.

The Plea was filed on the Accusation that the Haryana Officials have breached the directions given by the Supreme Court in the “Tahseen S. Poonawalla vs Union of India.”

As per the mentioned case in 2018, the Top Court had given out certain directives for the authorities to follow in order to control a prevent the rising hate crimes including violence and Mob Lynching.

The former Rajya Sabha MP Mohammad Adeeb had informed the Court through the Plea that there have been recent and constant rise in the violence during the Friday prayers by the ‘hooligans’ who falsely depict themselves under the name religion and create the environment with hatred and prejudice against the one community all over the city.

“This nefarious design being given effect to by propagation and dissemination of hateful content through social media platforms spreading false narratives, terming the performance of Friday Namaz, which is being done in the open due to compulsion and the same is permitted by the appropriate authorities in the circumstances as being illegal and in a manner of some sort of encroachment”, the Plea submitted.

 The petitioner claimed that the incidents started taking place from early April, 2021 and the locals and the people coming to the Fridays for the prayers have been facing such hateful drives.

As per the Petitioner, many complaints have been file with the Commissioner of Police, Gurugram but yet no action has been taken against such malicious campaigns.


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