Delhi LG Accuses AAP Government of Attempting to Influence Judiciary, AAP Asserts Jurisdictional Rights

Apr5,2024 #AAP
LG Vinai Kumar Saxena Law Insider

Published on: April 05, 11:59 at 13:05 IST

Tensions between the Delhi Lieutenant Governor (LG) and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government have escalated following allegations of attempts to influence the justice delivery system. The Delhi LG Secretariat has lodged a complaint with the Union home secretary, citing purported violations by the Delhi government and accusing it of concerted efforts to mislead courts.

According to officials from Raj Niwas, the Delhi government has allegedly been resorting to filing “motivated and premeditated” petitions and presenting “patently false” affidavits in an attempt to sway judicial proceedings. The letter from the LG’s principal secretary pointed to various cases in the Supreme Court and Delhi High Court where such actions were purportedly observed.

Highlighting instances such as disputes over infrastructure, funds allocation, and policy implementation, the letter emphasized a pattern of the Delhi government versus the LG becoming a norm rather than an exception in legal matters. The missive alleged that these efforts were not only aimed at misleading the courts but also at tarnishing the constitutional office of the Lieutenant Governor through media narratives.

In response, the AAP government refuted the accusations, attributing its recourse to the judiciary to the purported failure of central government officers to adhere to ministerial directives. The AAP asserted the democratic mandate of Delhi’s elected government and emphasized the need for the Union government to respect the constitutional boundaries delineating Delhi’s jurisdiction.

Amidst these contentious exchanges, the AAP government called for adherence to the principles of cooperative federalism and urged the Union government to operate within the constitutional framework. Citing the Supreme Court’s affirmation of Delhi’s status as a democratically elected entity, the AAP underscored the accountability of the Delhi government to its constituents and called for respect for Delhi’s autonomy within the federal structure.

As the dispute between the Delhi LG and the AAP government unfolds, it underscores broader tensions surrounding the distribution of powers and jurisdictional boundaries in the National Capital Territory.

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