Claims of Indian Government Involvement in Overseas Assassinations Emerge: Denials Issued Amidst Allegations

Apr5,2024 #India #RAW
India-china standoff

Published on: April 05, 13:26 IST

Recent revelations alleging the involvement of Indian intelligence agencies in targeted killings abroad have sparked controversy, with the Indian government vehemently denying the accusations.

According to reports from the Guardian, sourced from interviews with intelligence operatives from both India and Pakistan, as well as documents shared by Pakistani investigators, India’s Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) purportedly carried out nearly 20 assassinations in Pakistan since 2020. The allegations suggest a broader strategy to eliminate individuals deemed hostile to India, including those associated with terrorist activities.

However, Indian authorities have categorically rejected these claims, dismissing them as “false and malicious anti-India propaganda.” The Ministry of External Affairs reiterated statements previously made by Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, asserting that targeted killings in foreign countries do not align with the government’s policies.

The alleged operations are said to have been orchestrated by RAW sleeper cells primarily based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with Indian agents accused of recruiting local criminals and jihadists to carry out the assassinations. The targets reportedly include individuals linked to militant groups such as Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed.

The revelations come amidst heightened tensions between India and Pakistan, both of whom have a history of accusing each other of supporting terrorism. While Pakistani officials claim to possess evidence linking India to the killings, Indian authorities maintain that the accusations lack credibility.

It’s important to note that the allegations remain unverified, and the Indian government has denied any involvement in extrajudicial activities abroad. The issue underscores the complexities of the relationship between the two neighboring countries and the challenges of managing security concerns in the region.

As the situation continues to unfold, calls for transparency and accountability echo from various quarters, emphasizing the need for a thorough investigation to ascertain the truth behind these allegations.

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