Delhi High Court refuses to stay release of Sushant Singh Rajput biopics


Lekha G

The Delhi High Court has dismissed the plea filed by late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s father Krishna Kishore Singh seeking an interim injunction against the release of proposed movies being made about the actor’s life.

The Court has further directed the defendants in the suit to submit details of royalty, licensing, profits made from the movies to the Joint Registrar.

In April, the Delhi High Court had issued notice on the petition of Sushant’s father seeking a ban on the release of movies on the actor’s life.

The petitioner, Mr Singh argued that, “Any such publication, production or depiction of the private life of the late actor is a blatant and willful breach of the fundamental right to privacy which includes right to publicity” and the same cannot be taken away without prior approval of his legal heir.

It was also apprehended that the said movie had been launched in an “Orchestrated manner” by close confidants of the accused to influence the pending investigation.

The petitioner further argued that the late actor’s death was being seen as an “Opportunity to get fame by developing different theories/stories”, at the cost of the actor’s reputation.

Mr Singh had moved the petition based on news reports on movie titles “Nyay: The Justice”, “Suicide or Murder: A Star Was Lost”, “Shashank” which depicts the actor’s life, claiming that it would interfere with the investigation of the case.

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