Madras High Court: Provide general treatment Vaccination to stray animals if necessary

Queency Jain

The Madras High Court has directed the Husbandry Department to prepare a comprehensive plan to provide general treatment to the stray animals of the State thereby ensuring that the scientific and humane approach continues to function even in the normal times.

The direction comes after the Court was hearing a petition relating to the difficulties faced by the stray animals to get water and food during the lockdown period.

Furthermore, the petition contended that even the horses, which are otherwise exploited by the people to earn them living, are abandoned and left to feed for them.

Considering the severity of the issue, the Court directed the department to take necessary steps in relation to stray animals and to vaccinate them, if necessary.

The Court noted that it was commendable that the Governor and the Chief Minister of the State have duly released funds to look forward the stray animals and are already working on the same.

The Court was told that 2500 kg of dog food, 3536 kg of wheat bran for horses and 200kg of cat food have already been obtained by the authorities and have been distributed to feed the stray animals.

The Court was also informed that the authorities will be soon obtaining more food for animals, once the prior stock gets finished.

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