Delhi HC orders Authorities to consider Plea for new evaluation of Water Supply Stations

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Shivangi Prakash-

On Tuesday, the Delhi High Court ordered the Delhi Government and the Delhi Jal Board to consider a petition for a new evaluation of water supply stations in the National Capital, alleging that contaminated and sewage water was being mixed with drinking water.

Chief Justice D N Patel and Justice Jyoti Singh of the Supreme Court instructed the authorities to decide on the representation in line with the law, rules, regulations, and government policy that applies to the case.

The Court was hearing a plea brought by Ajay Gautam, a Delhi resident, who wanted a new evaluation of water supply stations and booster pumps in the National Capital, taking into account the current and projected population growth and demand for drinking water.

The petition requested that current equipment be installed in water supply stations, as well as the formation of a committee of specialists to suggest and develop techniques to prevent contamination and mixing of sewage water with drinking water within a set time frame.

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