Oxygen Crisis: Court pulls up police for ‘casual’ reply on plea against Jaipur Golden Hospital for COVID deaths


Greeva Garg – 

The Delhi Court criticized the Delhi Police on their casual manner in filling the reply on a plea seeking FIR registration against Jaipur Golden Hospital management for alleged deaths of COVID-19 patients due to oxygen shortage.

The families of the deceased approached the Court alleging that the carelessness of the hospital management led to deaths of 21 critically ill patients who waited for the oxygen supply.

“Keeping everyone in dark and thereby not providing the proper oxygen support which led to the death is an act of culpable homicide on their part all whilst the accused hospital minted money and raised invoices,” the plea stated.

Not satisfied with the status report filed by the police, Metropolitan Magistrate Vivek Beniwal said, “The status report has been filed in a casual manner. The IO has not disclosed what steps were taken after he was directed to file the status report.”

The Court, considering it a sensitive matter, ordered the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) to file a proper reply, in negligence to which strict actions will be taken in this matter as per laws.

The petitioners claimed that police with mala fide intention, did not even register the FIR in the matter.

The petitioners sought for registration of FIR, subsequent to which the inquiry and arrest process could take place against Jaipur Golden Hospital management.

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