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Shivani Gadhavi –

Published On: December 03, 2021 at 22:00 IST

The Delhi High Court on December 3, 2021 expressed its disappointment over a counter affidavit which was filed by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi responding to a plea which was filed by Akhil Dilli Prathnim Shikshak Sangh, which sought ‘Cashless Medical services’ for its retired employees.

The petition sought that the retired workers of the organization do not have to be reimbursed after they have received their treatment but the Health Department of Municipal Corporation of Delhi should directly make the payment to the medical Authorities.

The Delhi High Court Bench of Chief Justice D.N. Patel and Justice Jyoti Singh was informed by Advocate Ranjit Sharma, representing the Petitioners, that the Municipal Corporation takes a long period of time in reimbursing the retired employees and it does not work in accord with the amended scheme which directs the latter to pay the bills directly to the medical Authorities.

The High Court Bench in its Affidavit stated while expressing its dismay, “Your statements are contradictory. The complaint is that under the amended scheme, bills will directly come to you and you will make the payment without charging the pensioners. But you are using reimbursement word very loosely. There is contradiction in para 11 and 14. This is a very poorest position over here. The complaint is you’re not following your own policy.”

The High Court in relation with the case noted that it will not interfere with the manner in which the payment is to be made and then ordered the Municipal Corporation of Delhi to file a new affidavit. The date of the hearing was later on postponed for April 27, 2022.

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