Delhi HC adjourns hearing in plea against Baba Ramdev for spreading misinformation

Greeva Garg –

The Delhi High Court has adjourned the hearing in a plea filed against Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev for allegedly spreading misinformation about allopathy amid COVID.

The hearing which was scheduled to be heard today is now adjourned till July 30, because the judge in the matter, Justice Hari Shankar is on leave for the day.

The plea was filed by seven Doctors Medical Associations, alleged Baba Ramdev for the deception of misrepresenting information regarding allopathy to the public, concluding the Covid-19 allopathy vaccine to be the cause of deaths of people.

“Baba Ramdev was creating doubts in the minds of people with respect to efficacy of allopathic treatment with Covid-19 vaccines. It has been averred that being an influential person, Ramdev’s statements can influence the public at large and thereby divert them from opting allopathy treatment is prescribed as a standard form of care even by the Government,” the plea states.

The Court in an earlier hearing on July 19 asked the petitioners to accumulate and present videos where Baba Ramdev is spreading misinformation regarding allopathy.

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