Delhi Court convicts man for rash and negligent driving, dragging Police officer on bonnet

Police officer on bonnet Law Insider

Munmun Kaur

Published On: December 30, 2021 at 13:30 IST

Recently, a Delhi Court convicted a man for rash and negligent driving while talking on the phone and dragging a traffic Police officer on the bonnet of the car after being signaled to stop for checking,

Principal District and Sessions Judge Dharmesh Sharma observed that even though the offence of driving the car rashly and negligently was dangerous and unconscionable, the convict did not have an intention to cause life-threatening injuries to Constable Rupesh Kumar. Therefore, he cannot be convicted of an attempt to commit culpable homicide.

The Convict Pushp Aggarwal in his defense said that he was perplexed that he might be beaten up by Police officers. He later added that he was carrying cash too and didn’t stop because of the apprehension that he might be robbed of it.

Although, Rupesh Kumar in his testimony told the Court that Aggarwal had initially slowed down the car but then suddenly accelerated the speed, as a result of which he was hit and fell down on the bonnet of the car. He held to the wipers to keep him from falling meanwhile repeatedly shouting at Aggarwal to stop the car.

During the investigation, one public witness named Robin came forward and told the Court that he recorded the whole incident on his phone.

Fortunately, no fracture was sustained by the officer and he was admitted to the hospital on complaining of pain in his right ankle and left knee.

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