Delhi Consumer Commission Orders Amazon and Retailer to Pay Rs 35,000 to Buyer Over Delayed Refund

Mar27,2024 #amazon #Consumer Court
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Published on: March 27, 2024 at 09:15 IST

Delhi Consumer Commission has directed Amazon and its retailer to compensate a buyer with Rs 35,000 due to an unreasonable delay in refunding the price of a defective laptop. The commission highlighted a delay of one year and five months in processing the refund and noted the absence of an effective grievance redressal mechanism.

The District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (East Delhi) issued the order in response to a complaint filed by Anil Kumar and Brijesh Kumar. Commission Chair SS Malhotra instructed the opposing parties to remit Rs. 10,000 as litigation costs to the complainants, with both amounts to be paid within 30 days of the order. Additionally, Amazon was mandated to establish a suitable grievance redressal mechanism for consumers.

The complainants had purchased a laptop worth Rs 77,990 through Amazon Seller Services Pvt Ltd, sold by the retailer Appario Retail Pvt Ltd. The extended delay in refunding the product’s price inflicted mental distress and harassment upon the consumer.

The commission determined that Amazon, as the entity accepting orders from customers and contracting with third-party sellers, cannot be considered a mere intermediary. It underscored that the refund process commenced significantly late, indicating a lack of appropriate grievance redressal measures and one-sided contractual terms.

Both Amazon and the retailer were held accountable for deficient service and unfair trade practices, with the defective product’s sale attributed to the latter. As a consequence, compensation of Rs 35,000 was awarded to the complainant for the distress and harassment caused.

Furthermore, the commission mandated Amazon to disclose complete details of officers handling customer grievances on its website and implement a transparent grievance redressal system. Additionally, provisions were directed to ensure secure pickup item receipts for customers, enhancing safety and security during transactions.

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