Deep Sidhu requests Delhi court to preserve CCTV footage of Red Fort incident

Sushree Mohanty

Deep Sidhu, has requested the Delhi Court to preserve and retain the CCTV footage of the Red Court incident. He claims that the footage contains evidence of him assisting the police, appealing to the crowds before all hell broke loose. Sidhu has been accused of having a part in the violence that broke out in the nation’s capital on Republic day.

The CCTV footage is currently under the authority of the investigating bodies

Advocate Abhishek Gupta who is representing Sidhu submitted before the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Gajendra Singh Nagar that The CCTV footage of the Red Fort is already with the Investigating Agency which shows that the applicant did not participate in any act of violence and rather he was helping the police in pacifying the crowd.”

He further submitted that the council pleads for a fair investigation concerning the matter and it is under the purview of the court to ensure it. Additionally he claimed that Sidhu reserves the right for a fair trial.

Gupta likewise said that his Sidhu’s cell phones are now under the police authority’s care  and they can trace his location through its network.

He also submitted that the Police can also retain the data from the navigation system from his client’s vehicle which would provide as a significant subject of evidence to demonstrate his innocence.

Following the contentions, the court saved its verdict on the application documented by Sidhu looking for notifications to the examining office to incorporate all recordings and other substantial matter of evidence which could prove his bona fide intentions with regard to the matter.

Sidhu was detained by the Delhi police special cell on February 9, 2021 for his supposed participation in the 26 January violence in Delhi.

He was sent for detainment under police custody for a period of seven-days on the same date.

He was then produced before the Metropolitan Magistrate Samarjeet Kaur on February 23, 2021 following his completion of 7-day police detainment.

The Hon’ble Judge however passed an order directing the actor-activist to be remanded in police custody for an additional time period of 14 days and is facing trial for the matter.

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