Nehal Modi

Sushree Mohanty

Post the success in seeking extradition orders of fugitive Nirav Modi before a British Court, the Central Bureau of Investigation have now initiated the procedures to extradite his sibling Nehal Modi, who is additionally an accomplice and accused in the famous Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam. As per the reports of the Bureau, Nehal Modi, who is currently a Belgian national, has been living in United States. The authorities became aware of his whereabouts after an instance of extortion was registered against him by a United States court.

Subsequent to gathering information, the authorities have initiated all the legal procedures to secure an extradition orders against Nehal Modi. In 2019, the Interpol had additionally given a red corner notice against Nehal. The Central Bureau of Investigation, on March 26, 2021, presented an affidavit before a special Mumbai court for passing an extradition order requested by the Government of India to be made to the United States authorities.

Both the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Enforcement Directorate authorities have enlisted cases in the Punjab National Bank fraud case naming Nehal Modi as a charged. As per the authorities , Nehal Modi had annihilated electronic gadgets, which might have served as proof in the matter. As per the 2019 report of the CBI’s, Nehal Modi had offered a spurious director Rs 20 lakh to visit Europe in order to give a false witness statement before the court and made attempts to help Nirav Modi.

The Investigation Authority had additionally alleged that he has a role in flying worker from Dubai to Cairo and also prevented them to return to India so that they are unable to join the investigation procedures. The Bureau has likewise blamed him for moving reports to sidestep the investigating officers. The Enforcement Directorate has asserted that Nehal Modi had “personally supervised” that records and all related files were dispensed with.

Earlier, in February 2021, a British court had passed the extradition requests of Nirav Modi, on the ground that there were enough of evidences to seek his extradition order and face indictments in India. Nirav’s sister Purvi Modi and her husband Maiank Mehta, who were likewise named as accused for the situation by the Enforcement Directorate, had filed for the duo to be acknowledged as prosecutor’s witnesses against Nirav Modi and the court had conceded to their solicitation. However, they are yet to arrive at Mumbai and produced before the Court.

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