CBI Registered Complaints Against Imposters Impersonating as Officials of PMO


Paridhi Arya

Published on July 1, 2022 at 18:03 IST

Three complaints were registered by Prime Minister Office against unidentified person with Central Bureau of Investigation. These complaints later lodged as FIRs by CBI. It was alleged by the Prime Minister’s Office that the persons making calls to people and impersonate as officials of Prime Minister Office.

The CBI has started investigation over three complaints filed by the Prime Minister Office and two names that came out into the matter are Prince and Shiva Kumar as informed by the officials.

The imposter called Manoj Kumar Meena, the IPS who is posted in the Chandigarh and told him that he was from Prime Minister office and tried to solicit him for transferring one constable to other place this was the first incident.

The Prime Minister Office cleared that the call was not made from any official of the office and number which is used to make that call is not belongs to the office.

The second incident was when one Ravikant Kharab was called by the imposter who said him that he is personal assistant in Prime Minister Office and Kharab was tempted by imposter that he can get a job in Reserve Bank of India in exchange of 3 lakh rupees as bribe. As reported by the Kharab he gave Rs. 25,000  to Prince.

The third incident was where one imposter who said his name Dr. Shiv Kumar from Kerala and told that he is a cardiac surgeon and health advisor of Prime Minister of Nepal and India.

The investigation revealed that Shiv Kumar is from Kerala who impersonate as Personal Advisor of PM Narendra Modi and official of Prime Minister Office through a particular number.

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