Bribery case, “Cash for getting verdict in your favor”: Pune Special Court

Jass Kaur Bindra

Bribery case came in front of the special Court on 1st April 2021 in Pune. Judicial magistrate first class Archana Jatkar, arrested for giving favourable judgements for pecuniary self-interest. Justice Archana will stay under police custody till 5th of April in relation to this bribery matter.

Justice Archana initially filed an application for Anticipatory bail. The Bail was filed before the Supreme Court which got rejected. Today at 11:00 a.m. Justice Archana accepted her fault and surrendered before Anti- Corruption Bureau ACB, a Pune unit. The case is being investigated by APC Sima Menedale.

Justice Archana was produced before the special Court by APC Sima. Pune district court Shivaji Nagar APC Sima asked for 6 days’ custody under police of Pune unit. Justice Navander is dealing with the case of magistrate Archana at Pune district court.
Justice Navander stated, “the court has specifically observed that there is a strong prima facie case against the accused, there appears a serious conspiracy which needs to be excavated. It is also observed that there is a hidden network that is working and it needs to be traced out and hence custodial interrogation of appellant jatkar is necessary. For reason only the anticipatory bail application to be rejected by this court on February 23. Similar are the observations of the honorable High Court in an order dated 3rd March 2021.”

Archana Jatkar was represented by advocate SS Nikam. The Advocate stated that already interrogation of other accused in this case have been done and therefore, bail plea of Archana should be accepted by the court. Event stated that Archana was cooperating with the investigation agency and was available every time the enquiry was done.

Public Prosecutor Vilas Ghogare Patil stated, “We have witnessed who have stated that there are 7 more related matters in which earlier arrested accused Shubham Gaikwad had has to seize the mobile phone of Jatkar. she had spoken to Gaikwad 147 times with other arrested accused police Inspector dismissed Jatkar 18 times in conversations, JMFC that Jatkar has taken names of judge Deshmukh and Ajay gopinath and ACB has to investigate about it.”

It was held by Justice Navander, “At this juncture, it is necessary to note that the present accused is the key person of the crime. The actions of the other accused were depending upon her moves and directions. The Investigating Officer has specifically stated that she has to interrogate the accused not only regarding the incident mentioned in the present crime but some other instances also, the mobile found with the accused has to be seized, her connections with the other accused have to be searched and for that purpose inquiry of accused is necessary while in custody.

Ongoing through the case diary, what can be noted is that it is not a single transaction in which there is the involvement of the present accused. It is not a single instance that can be just inquired and closed. Considering the scope of the investigation, custodial interrogation of the accused is absolutely necessary, it cannot be dispensed with only because the accused is a Judicial Officer. The status of a particular person cannot become a hurdle for the investigation.”

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