Apple Plans to Contest Inclusion of entire app store in EU Digital Antitrust List

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Published on: November 11, 2023 at 12:14 IST

Apple is gearing up to challenge the European Union’s decision to incorporate the entire App Store into the bloc’s recently established digital antitrust list, as reported by Bloomberg News on Friday, citing sources familiar with the matter.

Sources indicate that Apple’s appeal is currently in draft form and may undergo revisions before the looming November 16 deadline for filing challenges at the EU’s General Court.

As of now, Apple has not responded to Reuters’ request for comments, and the EU has chosen not to provide any official statements on the matter.

The Digital Markets Act (DMA), which became effective for most companies in May, stands as robust legislation aimed at curbing the market dominance of major technology companies. Its primary objective is to facilitate user mobility between competing services.

The EU Commission recently identified 22 services offered by major tech firms as “gatekeepers” of online services. These companies are obligated to ensure interoperability of their messaging apps with competitors and allow users to decide which apps to pre-install on their devices.

Notable services under the DMA’s scope include Google Search, Apple’s Safari,’s marketplace, TikTok by Bytedance, and Facebook by Meta Platforms.

The DMA, coupled with the Digital Services Act, which outlines rules for user-targeting, data practices, and data sharing with regulators, is anticipated to bring substantial changes to the platforms falling under their jurisdiction.

Despite the potential appeal, Apple will still be obligated to adhere to the rules starting from March. Apple has previously acknowledged, in a filing this month, that it anticipates making adjustments to the App Store in response to the new regulations imposed by the EU.

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