Allahabad HC: A proper dress code should be strictly followed for Virtual Hearing of cases

Virtual Justice Law Insider
Virtual Justice Law Insider

Snehal Upadhyay-

The High Court of Allahabad has strictly prescribed a proper dress code for the lawyers while appearing for the case through virtual mode.

The single bench of Justice Saurabh Shyam Shamshery directed that lawyers are strictly required to wear ‘plain white shirt/ white salwar- kameez/ white saree with plain white neck band’ in the virtual model of case hearings.

This decision was taken by the Court with regard to all the mockery being made by a few lawyers, for instance considering the lawyer attending the hearing of the Court while riding a scooter, lodging on the bed, putting up a face mask and wearing colourful clothes. All of these were being considered as against the decorum of the Court. 

The bench also contended that appearing for any hearing through virtual mode is the same as appearing for the hearing in the Courtroom hence, the lawyers should maintain the decorum of the Court as they use to follow the Courtroom.

The Court emphasized that casual attire is unacceptable and inappropriate in any circumstances. 

The Court also mentioned the directions issued by the Bar Council of India on the dress code for advocates across the country concerning virtual mode hearings, the directions said that “Plain white shirt/ white salwar-kameez/ white saree with plain white neckband” during hearings/proceedings before all the courts across the country, and no “coats or gowns are needed”.

However, many advocates not following the directions and wearing casual attire attend the virtual mode hearings which are highly not acceptable, the Court said.

“Even today while hearing the present case through virtual model, an advocate, appearing on behalf of one of the parties, appeared wearing a coloured shirt and has not shown any remorse despite his conduct being objected,” the Court noted.

The Court further added that the lawyers while appearing in the virtual hearing should have a plain, decent and presentable background with a peaceful surrounding and also remarked that if they wear a black coat it would be appreciated.

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