AG Venkataramani: Lawmaking process requires radical changes

Advocate R Venkataramani Law Insider

Published on: April 21, 20:39 IST

At the International Legal Conference 2024 organized by the Services Export Promotion Council (SEPC) under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Venkataramani, the Attorney General of India, called for radical changes in India’s lawmaking process. He emphasized the need to move towards more fundamental and effective institutional elements within the parliamentary system. Venkataramani highlighted the importance of adopting a people-centric approach to policymaking and the necessity for experimentation in crafting policies to address contemporary challenges.

Acknowledging the mounting challenges in India’s legal system, Lalit Bhasin, President of the Society of Indian Law Firms (SILF), underscored the pressing need to address the backlog of cases. With approximately 50 million pending cases in India, Bhasin stressed the importance of enhancing the facilitation and timely disposal of legal matters. He advocated for streamlining the process of filing cases while simultaneously ensuring their efficient resolution.

Furthermore, Bhasin pointed out the significant growth of India’s legal profession, with nearly 1.5 million advocates nationwide, making it one of the largest legal professional sectors globally. This expansion underscores the increasing demand for legal services in the country.

The conference aimed to facilitate a dialogue and exchange of ideas on critical issues influencing India’s legal landscape. Speakers emphasized the role of technology in revolutionizing connectivity and urged for its integration into law and governance to ensure a holistic approach to policy-making and justice administration.

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