2020 Delhi Anti-Hindu Riots: Court frames charges against 10 Accused

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Chaini Parwani –

Published On: December 17, 2021 at 12:00 IST

A Delhi Court framed charges against 10 Accused in the 2020 Northeast Delhi anti-Hindu Riots.

The Court observed that their main motive was to develop fear in the minds of the Victims belonging to the Hindu community and threaten them to leave the Country by looting and burning their properties.

The Additional Sessions Judge Virendra Bhat stated “From the utterances of the rioters comprising the unlawful assembly, as mentioned by these witnesses in their statements, it is limpid that the object of the assembly was to create fear & panic in the minds of the people belonging to Hindu Community, threaten them to leave the country and to loot as well as burn their properties”.

The case came into light when one Jagdish Prasad filed a First Information Report (FIR) stating that a fanatic Muslim mob protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act had thrown petrol bombs into his son’s auto spare parts shop, causing the entire shop to burn down.

The Complainant, his Son, Nephew, and Three Police Officers were all Eyewitnesses in the Case, according to the Prosecution.

The Court was of the prima facie view that there was reason to distrust the statements of the Witnesses.

Further the Court while highlighting that it is not an Ordinary Case of Individuals or Groups committing unlawful acts, stated “These riots are of such a nature as has not been witnessed since the Sikh Riots of 1984.”

The Accused Mohd Shahnawaz, Mohd Shoaib, Shahrukh, Rashid, Azad, Ashraf Ali, Parvez, Mohd Faisal, Rashid alias Monu and Mohd Tahir have been charged Sections 147 (Rioting), 148 (Rioting, armed with Deadly Weapon), 436 (Mischief by Fire), 452 (House-Trespass with preparation to Assault), 454 (Lurking House-Trespass), 392 (Robbery), 427 (Mischief) read with Section 149 (Unlawful Assembly) of Indian Penal Code.

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