Wife in China granted divorce after Husband hides having STD

Jan5,2021 #china

Tanvi Sinha

On 4th January 2021, A wife (Li) was granted the annulment of her marriage from her husband (Jiang) by the Shanghai Minhang District Court, after the husband hid a case of STD from her, only telling her of the issue after marriage.

They had married because of an unexpected pregnancy and the woman aborted the child in fear of the child having the STD and asked for a divorce for the same reason.

This comes as one of the first cases to be registered under the new civil code enacted in China on the 1st of January where it was stipulated that a person must truthfully inform their partner of any major diseases they hold before marriage.

During the court proceedings, the husband tried convincing the wife that the child as well as the mother were safe from getting the disease because of the medications.

However, the plaintiff was adamant to have the child aborted.




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