USA Supreme Court judge tight-lipped on question of his retirement


Jass Kaur Bindra

Justice Stephen Breyer is senior most Supreme Court Judge in US.  He is 82 years old. The question of his retirement is being raised widely in the United States. But when the similar question was asked from Justice Breyer, he was mum and tongue-tied.

Justice Breyer was appointed to the supreme court of the United States by President Bill Clinton in 1994. From 1994-till date he has continued to be the judge of the Supreme Court. 

His age is the reason behind the rising sound out. It is believed that the age of 82 years is enough for the justice to serve the highest authority as supreme court of the United States. Some reformers state that an 82 years old justice should be replaced with the new judges. Even, the honourable justice has served a really long tenure.

 Moreover, other judges should even get an opportunity to be nominated to the supreme court of the United States which is necessary for the advancement, reformation and progress of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Just like justice Breyer, justice Ginsburg went through same question of retirement. A parallel can be drawn between both the judges. His age was 87 years and despite being this old he was not ready to resign from Supreme Court of the United States. During his tenure numerous questions just like the current time were raised but this stubbornness continued. It was only after death of justice Ginsburg replacement was done in the supreme court of United States.

Statement from the professor University of Colorado, in the New York times-

“He should announce his retirement immediately effective upon the confirmation of his successor.”

The question of Justice breyer is analysed from political aspect.The retirement of Justice Breyer will not bring any major change to the political climate of United States. Even after his retirement the republican Party will have a hold of 6-3 in the supreme court of United States. Democrats being led currently by Joe Biden will not get any direct benefit after the retirement of Justice Breyer only benefit they can ensure is that the retirement of Justice Breyer will make justice Sonia Sotomayor and justice Elena Kagan with liberal and democratic ideologies as one of the leading judges of the supreme court in United States.

Numerous judges in Supreme Court of United States who have the same belief and they want similar views to be maintained in the US courts so that when their time of retirement comes they can use the same plea.

Words of Justice Breyer in an interview to Slate Dahlia Lithwick – “I mean eventually I will retire, sure I will, and it’s hard to know exactly when.”

Hence, it is evident that justice Breyer has not even contemplated whether he will be retiring even after attaining the age of 82 years and serving for 26 years in Supreme Court of the United States.

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