Unveil US style Digital Visas to count migrants: UK Minister Priti Patel

May24,2021 #Digital #Minister #Priti Patel #UK #US #VISA

Queency Jain

UK home secretary Priti Patel set to unveil a new US-style digital visa regime at the country’s borders.

Just like in US, people now wanting to come into UK without a visa or an immigration status will have to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization.

The changes made in the UK’s immigration policy are yet to be confirmed by the senior Indian-origin Cabinet Minister.

The changes are made in order to keep an eye and count people in and out of the country thereby having a complete control over the people who comes to the UK.

The new approach is expected to make it easier for the government to identify the potential threats before they reach the border and making the British people confident that necessary steps are being taken in order to keep them safe.

The UK home office hopes to make entry to the UK fully digital by the end of 2025 with 30 million applications expected to be processed every year.

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