Jharkhand HC Reacts over State Govt regarding Remdesivir Black Marketing Case

Snehal Upadhyay-

High Court of Jharkhand halted the State government for not informing the Court about making the superintendent of police (Ranchi rural) an approver in the case of Remdesivir black marketing.

Remdesivir is a drug that is being used as an emergency drug in the treatment of COVID-19 patients. The second wave of COVID-19 witnessed a high demand for this drug which led to black marketing and illegal sale of Remdesivir.

The bench comprising of Chief Justice Ravi Ranjan and Justice Sujit Narayan Prasad contended that it’s a known fact for the State Government that the Court has taken Suo-moto action in this PIL and is closely monitoring it. Hence, the State is duty-bound to give every detail to the Court about this matter.

The bench has directed Anil Palta, the former CID (Crime Investigation Department) ADGP (Additional Director General of Police) and the investigating officer following the case for appearing in the virtual hearing and has also directed investigating officer to make available the records and documents related to the case for Court’s examination.
In the meantime, Advocate General Rajiv Ranjan pleaded that all the steps have been taken per the directions given by the Court.

The Court wasn’t happy with the slow speed investigation process by the police. Hence, the police have ordered that further investigation should be done by CID which was headed by Palta, who was transferred by the State government and is now ADGP (railways).

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