630 Deaths and Spike of 115,320 Covid-19 Cases in India in a single day


Jass Kaur Bindra

The covid-19 cases went at a record high with 630 deaths in India on 8 April 2021. The total fatalities which have taken place in India has kept on increasing with rising covid cases and the number has reached to 1,66,229(Deaths), caused by this epidemic.

Last year in 2020 covid-19 cases reached its peak in the month of September on 16th, when the average of new cases emerging on the daily basis went to 93617. Covid case rise on Tuesday is no way behind the highest rise of covid cases, as that average per day of the newly emerging covid cases is 93041.

Alongwith the rising level death’s because of covid-19, there is a fresh arrival of cases per day is no way less which is 115,320 Covid Cases per day. By breaking the records of starkly spiking covid cases in India the danger zone of this epidemic is on rise.

As per the record of Tuesday the total number of active cases recorded in India are 8,43,754. India has surpassed Brazil and the United States of America in terms of its spike in covid-19 cases.

An official stated, “After Tuesday’s tally, the seven-day average of new cases across India is 93,041 – just shy of the record high of 93,617 on September 16, 2020, considered the peak of the first wave. At the current pace, the trajectory appears set to surpass the previous peak on Wednesday. India is currently the world’s biggest Covid-19 hot spot, having surpassed the rate of daily cases in the US and Brazil last week”.

Maharashtra, is this state with maximum covid cases in India. 55,469 new covid-19 cases are being reported on a daily basis from Maharashtra alone. Maharashtra has turned as hotspot of covid-19 in India.

The state with first highest number of covid-19 cases per day is Maharashtra, the second highest cases are coming from Chhattisgarh.

As per the analysis from both the states it has been clear that the rise of covid cases which was taking place in both the states during the first and second phases has been surpassed in the year 2021 2nd phase rise of covid cases.

Other than Maharashtra Chhattisgarh the other states which have seen a stark rise in covid cases includes Gujarat Madhya Pradesh and Punjab where on daily basis new infections are coming and they are way more than what was coming the previous year.

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