Union Defence Minister of India

NAME – Rajnath Singh

PROFESSION – Politician, lecturer  

BORN – 10 July, 1951

PLACE OF BIRTH – Bhabhaura, Chandauli district, Uttar Pradesh, India

FATHER’S NAME – Ram Badan Singh

MOTHER’S NAME – Gujarati Devi

 SPOUSE – Smt. Savitri Singh 

CHILDREN – Pankaj Singh, Neeraj Singh and Anamika Singh

EDUCATION – BSc from K.B.P.G College, Mirzapur Gorakhpur university in 1969 and MSc Physics from Gorakhpur University, Uttar Pradesh in 1971 


 OFFICIALWEBSITE– https://www.rajnathsingh.in/ 

Rajnath Singh is the current Union Defence Minister of India being a political member of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).   


Anti-Copying Act, 1992

Rajnath Singh helped push the disputable Enemy of Duplicating Act in light of apparent far reaching cheating in schools and universities in Uttar Pradesh. At the point when Mulayam Singh Yadav became theChief Clergyman of Uttar Pradesh, heading Bhaujan Samaj Gathering in the year 1993 he canceled the Demonstration.

Modernising education system

In 1991, he modified history writings and incorporated Vedic Science into the prospectus. He likewise engaged to resuscitate our cutting edge tongue language rather than unknown dialects, yet in addition states and values information on current dialects.

BACKGROUND – Rajnath Singh was brought into the world in Bhabhaura town of Chandauli district, Uttar Pradesh by father Smash Badan Singh and mother Gujarati Devi. He was naturally introduced to a group of ranchers.

He got his essential instruction from a nearby school of his town and proceeded to get a graduate degree in material science, procuring first division results from the Gorakhpur university. From youth he was motivated by the philosophy of RSS. 

He functioned as an instructor of physical science at K.B. Post-Graduate School Mirzapur, UP. He had been related with the RSS since 1964, at 13 years old and stayed associated with the organisation. 

Between 1969 and 1971 he was the hierarchical secretary of the understudy wing of the RSS. In 1974, he was selected secretary for the Mirzapur unit of the BJS, archetype of BJP. He turned into the State Leader of the BJP youth wing in 1984, the Public general secretary in 1986 and the Public President in 1988. He was additionally chosen into the Uttar Pradesh Administrative Committee.

UPBRINGING & EDUCATION – Brought into the world on tenth July 1951 of every a rancher’s family at town in Uttar Pradesh, to Rambadan Singh and Gujarati Devi. He got his fundamental instruction in the town and along these lines he finished his MSc Physical science from Gorakhapur College UP. He functioned as a teacher of Material science at K.B. Post-Graduate School Mirzapur, UP.

 WALK OF LIFE- Rajnath Singh was a splendid understudy and a functioning RSS laborer since his understudy life. Hierarchical secretary of ABVP Gorakhpur division from 1969 to 1971.He turned into the RSS karyavah (General Secretary) of Mirzapur city in 1972.He entered governmental issues in 1974 and before long became Secretary of Bharatiya Jana Sangh, Mirzaur.

He became Area Leader of Jana Sangh and Locale Facilitator of JP Development in 1975. He was chosen as a MLA in UP Gathering in1977. He turned into a State Secretary of UP BJP and 1984 he turned into a State Leader of BJP’s Childhood Wing (BJYM).

In 1986, he became Public General Secretary of BJYM and in this way Public Leader of BJYM in 1988.He was chosen MLC for UP Authoritative Chamber in 1988 and became Schooling Clergyman in 1991. During his residency as Training Clergyman in UP he set up certain milestones by presenting the Counter Duplicating Act and Vedic Math in the schedule and amendment of different bits of history textbooks.

He turned into an individual from the Rajya Sabha in 1994 and furthermore the Central Whip of the BJP in Rajya Sabha. On Walk 25, 1997, he became State Leader of UP BJP. During this period separated from extending and fortifying the association. He assumed a critical part in saving the BJP drove Government twice during the political crisis.

On November 22, 1999, he became Association Surface Vehicle Priest. During this period he got the chance to start the NHDP (Public Interstate Improvement Program), a fantasy venture of Leader Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee.On October 28, 2000, He became Boss Priest of UP and was twice chosen as MLA from Haidargarh body electorate in Barabanki.

In 2002, he became Public General Secretary of BJP.On May 24, 2003, he became Association Clergyman of Agribusiness and hence for Food Preparing. During this period he started a couple of age settling on projects like Kisan Decision Center and Homestead Pay Protection Plan. As BJP President he covered the whole length and expansiveness of the country.

He likewise set out on Bharat Suraksha Yatra which concealed a few States taking the reason for expanding fear based oppressor exercises and dangers to inward security. He laid accentuation on issues of public interest like spiraling costs of fundamental products, ranchers complaints and pessimistic minorityism rehearsed by the UPA Government.

He has likewise composed a book on Joblessness its Reasons and Cures, When he was Public President BJYM. In July 2004, He was again named as Public General Secretary of BJP. As an Overall Secretary he held the charge of two provinces of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand, and guaranteed BJP’s triumph in both the states, by his model authoritative ability.

He turned into the BJP Public President on December 31, 2005, A post he held till December 19, 2009. In May 2009, He was chosen MP from Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. In May 2014, he was chosen MP from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. On May 26, 2014 Shri Rajnath Singh made vow as the Association Clergyman of India.

What’s more, filled in as the Association Clergyman for Home Affairs.n 2019 General Races Shri Rajnath Singh was reappointed as Individual from Parliament from Lucknow by a tremendous edge. On May 30, 2019 Shri Rajnath Singh made vow as the Association Clergyman of India. As of now he is functioning as the Raksha Mantri in Govt of India.


Guard serve Rajnath Singh laid out a pile of activities to help the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan (independent India development) and lessen reliance on imported military equipment, for example, gunnery firearms, light military vehicle airplane and traditional submarines, long-range land assault journey rockets.


President of BJP Youth Wing during 1984–1986

General Secretary of State(Uttar Pradesh) BJP Youth Wing during 1986-1988

National President of BJP Youth Wing during 1988–1989

Education Minister of Uttar Pradesh during 1991–1992

President of BJP Uttar Pradesh during 1997–1998,

Union Minister of Transportation during 1999-2000

Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh during 2000-2002

Union Agriculture Minister during 2003-2004

President of BJP during 2005-2009

President of BJP during 2012-2014

Minister of Home Affairs of India during 2014-2019

Minister of Defence of India during 2019-Incumbent


Rajnath Singh has been blamed for advancing hostility between various gatherings on the grounds of religion, race and so forth and of doing acts biased to upkeep of amicability under Segment 153 A, 153 B and 505. A FIR was documented against Singh in Lucknow in 2007 for delivering a publicly fiery smaller circle.

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