Media Personality, webcam model and sports commentator

NAME: Mia Khalifa (Mia Callista)

PROFESSION: Webcame model and former pornographic actress

BORN: 10 February, 1993

PLACE OF BIRTH: Beirut Lebanon

SPOUSE: Robert Sandberg

EDUCATION: Northwest High School, Germantown, Maryland, Massanutten Military Academy, Virginia, BA (History) – University of Texas at El Pasco.

BACKGROUND: Mia was born in South Lebanon and raised as a Catholic but due to the conflict she along with her family moved to the US. She married to her boyfriend in 2011. However, they got separated in 2014 and divorced in 2016. Thereafter, she remarried to Robert Sandberg, a chef, in 2020.

UPBRINGING & EDUCATION: She got admission in a French- language private school in Beirut, where she also learnt English. She went to Northwest High School in Germantown, Maryland. She also went Massanutten Military Academy in Woodstock, Virginia. She pursued BA in History from University of Texas at El Pasco.

CAREER TIMELINE: Before entering into pornographic film industry, she used to work as a bartender, model and briefcase girl on Deal or No Deal-esque Spanish game show.

She started her pornographic career in 2014 with her husband on NSFW subreddit on Reddit, because of which her parents publicly disowned her. A scene from BangBros brought her huge attention and popularity and ranked as no. 1 on Pornhub. She was ranked no. 5 in the list of ‘The world’s 10 most notorious porn stars’ by Loaded in 2016. She also signed a contract with BangBros parent company but soon resigned.

After quitting the pornography industry, she started working as a paralegal and bookkeeper in Miami and also became a social media personality and sports commentator.

CONTROVERSIES/CASES: Due to the scenes performed by her wearing hijab in BangBros, she received death threats, included a manuplating image of an Islamic State of Iraq and higly criticised.

She was also criticised by carter Cruise as she distanced herself from this career as according to him she reinstated the social stigma against sex workers.

There was also a petition filed by more than 1.5 million people for removing her videos from the websites.

She has been criticised many times due to her career. Recently, she is in the news while supporting the farmer’s protest.

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