Woman filed a Complaint against Couple for having Sex with Windows Open

Mar24,2024 #Couple #Sex
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Published on: March 24, 2024 at 07:23 IST

A woman from Bangaluru has filled a complaint, alleging that she had opened her main door around 10.30 the previous night and found the newlywed tenant couple having Sex.

A 44-year-old homemaker residing in Avalahalli, Girinagar, South Bengaluru. Her routine observance of her neighbors takes a disconcerting turn when she witnesses the newlywed couple engaging in intimate activities with their bedroom window partially open. Perturbed by this sight, she confronts the couple, only to be met with hostility and threats of violence.

Expressing her shock and dismay, the homemaker officially reports the incident, labeling it as “disgusting” and demanding an end to the couple’s indiscretion.

In the aftermath, both parties express a willingness to seek an amicable resolution, recognizing the futility of prolonged animosity.

Beyond the sensational headlines and legal wrangling, the Avalahalli incident sheds light on the intricate dynamics of urban living, underscoring the delicate balance between individual freedoms and communal responsibilities, where privacy and propriety intersect with shared spaces.

While the incident has captivated attention, The major fantasy of Couples which are getting normal there days are:

  1. wearing a micro bikini in a beach
  2. flashing a stranger
  3. having sex under night sky in open place with my partner in a totally strange city which is not a taboo
  4. Live in an island naked with my partner
  5. Swim naked (wish i knew smimming)
  6. Try all the fancy short casuals everyday

Following the escalation of the conflict, both parties decided to retract their complaints at the Girinagar police station. Despite their efforts, the police informed them that due to the registration of an FIR, the matter would go through the court.

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