Shaheen Bagh: Public places, roads cannot be occupied indefinitely tells SC

Oct7,2020 #CAA #Shaheen Bagh

By Shelal Lodhi Rajput-

The Supreme Court has said public places cannot be occupied indefinitely like during the months-long anti citizenship law protest at Shaheen Bagh.

Court said that public places can’t be occupied indefinitely by demonstrators, which can cause inconvenience to people and violate their rights, is not acceptable and agitations should be permitted in designated areas only.

While hearing the petitions on road blockade during protest at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh court said

“Public spaces and places can’t be occupied indefinitely whether in Shaheen Bagh or elsewhere. The administration must keep such spaces free from obstructions. Not wait to fire from court’s shoulder,”

Further, court sad that authorities have to act on their own and cannot hide behind courts, on the Anti CAA stir court said “The Delhi Police ought to have taken action to clear Shaheen Bagh area,” On the Shaheen Bagh incidence court observed that the democracy and dissent go hand in hand.

Shaheen Bagh grabbed headlines after it emerged as a epicentre of a protest venue for people opposed to the CAA and the NRC since December 15 last year.

“Social media channels often fraught with danger lead to highly polarising environment and this is what was witnessed in shaheen bagh. Started out as a protest and caused inconvenience to commuters” Justice Kaul said.

The protest at Shaheen Bagh ended in march this year in view of the COVID 19 outbreak and a subsequent lockdown announced by the government to contain the spread of the disease.

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