Hasin Jahan moves Supreme Court seeking lift stay on Mohammed Shami’s Arrest

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Published on: 03 May 2023 at 15:00 IST

Hasin Jahan, the separated wife of Indian cricketer Mohammad Shami, has requested the Supreme Court to reopen the criminal case against Shami. The allegations in the case include dowry demands and domestic abuse, and Jahan has asked for the stay on Shami’s arrest, placed by a sessions court, to be lifted.

Jahan also claims that Shami had extramarital affairs and frequently asked for dowry from her.

Earlier this year, a Kolkata court ordered Shami to pay Jahan monthly alimony of 50,000 rupees. In 2019, a West Bengal sessions court had delayed the arrest warrant for Shami and stayed his criminal trial.

Jahan appealed to the Calcutta High Court, but her argument was rejected, leading to her current appeal before the Supreme Court.

In the filing to the court, Jahan accused Shami of having sexual relations with prostitutes in hotel rooms, especially during his BCCI tours.

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