Great opportunity to settle Challan: Online Registration Opens for Lok Adalat Settlements on May 7th

Published on: May 07, 2024 11:36 IST

When driving a car or a bike, it is essential to follow traffic rules. Not doing so can lead to trouble, including hefty fines. If you have been issued a challan, you can also get it waived. Lok Adalats are being organized in several states, including Delhi. These Lok Adalats will resolve many cases, including traffic challans.

How to register online?
Before registering online, you should know that you can settle your E-Challan in Lok Adalat. However, for this, you need to book an online appointment first. Slots for the Lok Adalat scheduled for May 11th will open on May 7th. You will need to visit the Delhi Police notice site ( However, this site is currently closed. Once there, you will need to select your area and then the court will be visible to you. There will be many slots available here, and you will need to enter all the required information. After booking an appointment, only one traffic challan will be settled. If you want to settle more than one traffic challan, you will need to book multiple appointments.

How to book an appointment-
The page will open at 10 a.m. on May 7th. However, during the appointment, it is crucial to manage your time effectively as slots fill up rapidly, especially in situations of delay where slots may not be available. These slots open for only a few minutes, during which all bookings must be made. Once booked, you are required to appear in court on May 11th. Following your appearance, the judge will determine the required payment. In many cases, full fines are waived.””Delhi Traffic Challan Amnesty: Online Registration Opens for Lok Adalat Settlements on May 7th

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