E-Seva Kendra to be launched in Mumbai courts

Jan18,2021 #E-Seva Kendra
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Tanvi Sinha

E-Seva court to be made operational in all Metropolitan courts in Mumbai by the initiative of the Azad Maidan Metropolitan Court (also called the Quilla Court), and would be available from 18th January, Monday.

The court will be inaugurated by Justice Sadhna Jadhav and would have many dignitaries present for the inauguration.

The modus operandi of this step is to assign two staff members to the E-Seva Kendra who would assist people on the court number their cases would be heard on, after which any person or party to the case will approach the court staff with the number. This would then lead the staff members to share the court number and the next day of the hearing.

The court staff regard this as a positive step towards easing the decreasing the earlier time-consuming event and easing the way for the common man.

However, a report by the Free Journal Press on the same day of their opening showed an FIR lodged against 10, where even after being aware of the fake documents they allegedly let the documents pass calling into question the ethics of the workers meant to enrich the common man.

On 24th December last year Chief Justice of Orissa High court inaugurated an e-sewa kendra at every district court complex in Odisha and around the same time Chief Justice of India S A Bobde, launched E-Seva Courts in Tripura for the Tripura High Court.

Even earlier last year on 15th May the E-Seva Kendra in Tis Hazare court was described as a one-stop center for practically all facilities of the court by Outlook when it was initiated by the Supreme Court e-committee which aimed to see the centers done on a pan-India basis.

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