Calcutta HC disposes of Same-Sex Couple Plea alleging Police Passivity

Sweta Singh

Published on: August 25, 2021, at 16:24 IST

On Monday, the Calcutta High Court disposed of a plea which was moved by a same-sex couple alleging Police disregard after noting that the concerned Police Authorities had conducted adequate investigation into the matter.

The Petitioner was in a relationship with Puja Paharia, an adult woman. However, their relationship had been fiercely opposed by the family members of the Petitioner. Consequently, the Petitioner’s parents and her siblings had unjustifiably restrained her and had tormented her for pursuing a same-sex relationship.

Therefore, the Petitioner filed a police complaint against her family members at Berhampore Police Station on July 28, 2021. However, claiming that the Police Authorities had refused to act on the complaint instantly, the plea was filed.

On Monday, the Counsel for the State had submitted before Justice Rajasekhar Mantha stating that the Police Authorities had registered the Complaint against the family members under numerous penal provisions of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, and investigation into the matter was still ongoing.

Justice Mantha surmised that the Police Authorities had passably conducted the investigation and subsequently observed that,The petitioner submits that while it may have been true that the family members are named accused in the complaint against her, she is now free and is leading her own life free from any domination of any family member. This Court finds no passivity on the part of the Berhampore Police Station.

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