Woman Claiming Family Forcing her to Marry 52-Year-Old Granted Relief by Jharkhand HC


Priyanka Singh

Published on: September 29, 2022 at 21:15 IST

The Jharkhand High Court granted relief to a woman (26-years-old) who had moved against her family claiming that her family and other co-religious was forcing her to marry an 52-year-old man.

The Senior Superintendent of Police of Ranchi was directed by the bench of Justice Sanjay Kumar Dwivedi to protect the life and dignity of the woman.

Petitioner Sana Rashid claimed before the Court that she is in friendship with a boy of a different religion, following which, her family is hell bent to set her up with a person of 52 years of age.

She also stated a probability that the boy must be targeted by others, while she sought protection from her family.

Further, the Court highlighted the fact that educated younger boys and girls choose their life partners, departing from the earlier trends of the society of orthodoxy and participation of society and caste in a marriage.

The Court opined that the youngsters face threats by the elders of their own families, while upholding the right to choose partner being an essential part of the Article 21 of the Constitution of India.

Keeping in mind the urgency of the matter, the Court passed the order directing the Senior Superintendent of Police, Ranchi to entertain the plea and conclude the case with an appropriate order to protect her dignity and life.

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