West Bengal Bar Council writes to CJI for Removal of Calcutta HC CJ Rajesh Bindal

Snehal Upadhyay-

The Bar Council of West Bengal wrote a letter for removal of the Acting Chief Justice of High Court Calcutta, Justice Rajesh Bindal to Chief Justice of India, NV Ramana. 

The letter claimed that the Acting Chief Justice does not have regard for judicial propriety and made a mockery of judicial conscience. The letter also highlighted the Acting Chief Justice’s biasness and manner of hearing to the recent case of Narada sting.

“On and from his date of appointment as the Acting Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court, there have been numerous instances that have forced us to issue the instant letter praying for the removal of his Lordship as a Judge from the Calcutta High Court.” Stated the letter.

The letter further claimed that the Bench headed by the Acting Chief Justice allowed CBI requests to file its affidavits whereas the same Bench declined the request made by Mamata Banerjee and Moley Ghatak to file their affidavits in contrast to cases where serious allegations are made on them hence its clear sign of Justice Bindal’s being bias.

The letter mentioned that various social media posts give the impression of Justice Bindal being BJP’s man, adding “There are pictures of Hon`ble Justice Bindal visiting Governor Jagdeep Dhankar`s house which are widely published on social media. These pictures coupled with the conduct of Hon`ble Justice Bindal mentioned above seem to suggest that he is doing the bidding of the Governor at the Calcutta High Court.” 

The Bar Council of West Bengal has requested CJI NV Ramana to take immediate action in order to remove the Acting Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal as a judge of Calcutta High Court so that the majesty and sanctity of the High Court are upheld.

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