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UK PM Rishi Sunak fined for not wearing seat belt in Moving Car

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Published on: 21 January 2023 at 18:45 IST

In a Interesting development, UK PM Rishi Sunak fined for not wearing a seat belt in a moving car.

It is repoteed that UK PM was shooting a Video for his social media page and delivering a massage.

Rishi Sunak’s Office issued a statement and said, “fully accepts this was a mistake and has apologized“.

Office admitting mistake said, PM would pay the fine. Passengers can be fined up to £500 if they fail to wear a seatbelt, unless there is an exemption.

The fine was issued by British Police for riding in a car without wearing his seat belt in order to film a clip for social media.

British Police issued a statement on Twitter handle and said, “Following the circulation of a video on social media showing an individual failing to wear a seat belt while a passenger in a moving car in Lancashire we have today issued a 42-year-old man from London with a conditional offer of fixed penalty,”.