Trump deadline to answer questions in Defamation Suit is 23rd December


Swarna Shukla

Published On: October 05, 2021 at 09:00 IST

Former US President Donald Trump now has a December 23 deadline to face questioning in a Former ‘Apprentice’ contestant’s Defamation lawsuit over what he said in denying her Sexual Assault allegations.

The new deadline for Trump’s deposition comes as Summer Zervos’ 2017 Lawsuit emerges from a more than yearlong freeze.

Former President Trump was weeks away from a January 2020 deposition deadline when he won a delay to ask the New York’s Top Court to consider holding off the case completely until he was out of office. Trump contended that the sitting President couldn’t be sued in the State Courts.

Zervos, a California restaurateur, appeared on ‘The Apprentice’ in the year 2006. And Donald Trump was then the host.

After a decade, Trump was a Republican presidential nominee and Zervos was among a series of women who were publicly accused of sexual assault.

Zervos claimed that forced her to unwanted kissing and groping during a meeting in 2007 in New York.

Denying the allegations, Trump retweeted a message that called her claims ‘A hoax’. She sued Trump saying he hurt her reputation.

Trump’s new Lawyer Alina Habba said she plans to expand the Former President’s response to draw on a 2020 New York law meant to protect people from frivolous lawsuits by the powerful people to squelch criticism.

Trump earlier, raised a somewhat similar California Law among his defenses in Zervos’ suit. Habba stated that drawing on New York Statue will make a difference. 

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