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Telangana High Court to Government: Set up special centers for Vaccination of LGBTQ community

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Shivani Gadhavi

Published On: February 03, 2022 at 16:30 IST

The Telangana High Court on February 2, 2022, directed the Telangana State Government to take measures regarding special centers that need to be set up for Vaccination of people belonging to the LGBTQ community.

The Telangana High Court Division Bench of Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma and Justice Abhinand Kumar Shavili were hearing a Petition filed by Vyjayanti Vasanta Mogli, who sought to convey the difficulty faced by the LGBTQ community in regards with Vaccination.

The Petitioner, Vyjayanti Vasanta Mogli, also mentioned that there are certain aspects regarding which measures should be taken by the Telangana State Government.

The Petitioner also stated that the Transgender Community of the State of Telangana faces certain issues in their day-to-day lives, pertaining to which some help and support provided by the State Government would come as relief.

The Petitioner sought payment of three months of social security pension, free LPG cylinders and that electricity bills for six months should be waived off by the Government.

The Plea mentioned an analysis of consolidated Report that was filed, which stated that there in total 58,918 Transgender persons residing in the State of Telangana and out of this number only 3,013 have till now been Vaccinated. The High Court was informed that rest of the Transgender persons who have not been Vaccinated yet, is due to the lack of identity proof.

The Telangana High Court Bench in light of all the facts, directed the State Government to set up special centers for Vaccination of people belonging to Transgender and LGBTQ community and asserted that no pressure should be put on demanding of proof of identity regarding their Vaccination.

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