Telangana HC Designated 36 Advocates as “Senior Advocate” Including Three Women

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Published on: 02nd January 2023 at 18:07 IST

Telangana High Court designated 36 Advocates as “Senior advocates”. The Decision was made by Telangana High Court in exercise of its powers under Section 16(2) of the Advocates Act, in conjunction with Guidelines Nos. 5 (viii) and 8 – Guidelines for Designation of Advocates as Senior Advocates.

An observer of India’s lawful scene rapidly ends up paying attention to a stratum of legitimate hotshots that are both sought after and widely known, i.e, Advocates based at the Supreme court and High courts. 

Senior Advocates, they are the most prominent and eminent legal experts in India. Stories of their supernatural abilities of articulacy, profound knowledge and contributions to the Rule of Law are often told around. They cater to the country’s political and corporate elite, as well as its new rich.

A lawyer is a person who has been trained in the law and is licensed to practice law. The profession of law has been called a noble profession. The calling of law is a noble and honorable one. It needs to be maintained in view of its impeccable and prominent nature.

Therefore, the provisions of the Advocates Act and Rules should be offered to those who are Advocates in their soul. Bar in the country to serve the reason for equity is a respectable one.

An Advocate shall, at all times, comport himself in a manner befitting his or her status as an officer of the court. The Bar Council has now put in place certain rules that will restrict the number of senior Advocates allowed to practice. It has also laid down a procedure for recognizing them as such.

High Court of Telangana has conferred Senior designation to 36 Advocates, which includes three women.

The following attorneys have received the gown:

1. K Raji Reddy

2. Chilumila Pratap Reddy

3. B Nalin Kumar

4. Sunil B Ganu

5. Nandigam Krishna Rao

6. MS Srinivasa Iyengar

7. B Narasimha Sharma

8. VR Avula

9. P Shiv Kumar

10. Jalli Kanakaiah

11. Sripada Prabhakar

12. KV Bhanu Prasad

13. H Venugopal

14. Muddu Vijai

15. Yarlagadda Padmavathi

16. Bhaskar Reddy Vemireddy

17. Ambadipudi Satyanarayana

18. Ashok Ram Kumar

19. Brahmadandi Ramesh

20. G Ravi Mohan

21. Kishore Rai Sahni

22. Ponugoti Raja Sripathi Rao

23. Harender Pershad

24. A Venkatesh

25. V Raghunath

26. Goda Siva

27. Alladi Ravinder

28. Unnam Muralidhar Rao

29. Sivaraju Srinivas

30. Dr. Sofia Begum

31. Vikram Pooserla

32. Venkat Reddy Donthi Reddy

33. Avinash Desai

34. B Mayur Reddy

35. Rachna Reddy Bollu

36. Krishna CV Grandhi

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