Telangana HC Stays ‘Vyuham’ Release, Cites Certification Procedure Concerns

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Published on: December 31, 2023 at 13:15 IST

The Telangana High Court has halted the release of the political thriller ‘Vyuham’ for three weeks, citing concerns about the adherence to the Cinematograph (Certification) Rules.

The suspension comes after the Revising Committee granted a Certificate of Exhibition without providing reasons for initially rejecting the application, despite noted irregularities.

A petition was filed by the General Secretary of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) last week, seeking the cancellation of the exhibition certificate, claiming defamation against Party President Chandra Babu Naidu.

The respondents argued that the Revising Committee thoroughly assessed the film and granted the certificate after removing the disclaimer ‘based on true events,’ presenting it as a work of fiction.

Justice Surepalli Nanda referred to the initial rejection report by the examining committee, highlighting concerns about derogatory content towards certain individuals and political parties, which violated specific guidelines.

The Court noted that despite only a two-minute deletion from the film, the Committee reissued the certificate without providing reasons, violating specific rules outlined in the Cinematography (Certification) Rules, 1983.

Justice Nanda emphasized the need for a detailed examination to ascertain whether the prescribed procedure had been followed.

Highlighting the fundamental right to expression within limitations, the court observed that delays in approaching the court for fundamental rights infringement do not dilute an individual’s rights.

Consequently, the Court suspended the validity of the exhibition certificate for ‘Vyuham’ for three weeks, restraining the respondents from releasing the film.

It directed the Central Board of Film Certification, Revising Committee, and the movie’s producer to present all related records in the next hearing.

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