Supreme Court to hear plea concerning Farmer’s Tractor Rally

Tanvi Sinha

A three-judge bench of CJI SA Bobde, Justice L Nageswara Rao and Justice Vineet Saran were to give a ruling based on the plea filed by the Delhi Police asking for a stay on the tractor rally that is to be led by the farmers during the January 26th Republic Day processions.

The plea had come from the government as an attempt to stop, what they call, an embarrassment to the nation. They say in their application that the proposed march is slated to disturb and disrupt the celebrations of the nation on Republic Day.

The plea goes on to say that while the parties protesting have all rights to protest, that right cannot include something that would malign the nation globally.

A report had stated that farmers have all plans of holding the rallies but are doing it in a way that would not disrupt the celebrations. The BKU (Bharatiya Kisan Union) leader Rakesh Tikait said that they had no plans of stopping any rallies and are ready to protest for all the years of the government’s tenure to come.

However, on the event that the Supreme Court decided to put a stay on the orders, the BKU leader had also stated, on 15th January, that they would withdraw the proposed 26th January procession.

The bench, while still being head by CJI Bobde has seen a change in members since January 12th when it passed a stay on the implementation of the three bills. The committee earlier had Justices Bopanna and Ramasubramanian along with the CJI.

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